Born in Santiago, Chile in 1982, I received a BFA from the University of Chile and a MA from Central Saint Martins – University of the Arts London. I currently reside in Santiago.

I explore ideas associated with urban existence and the ‘concrete jungle’ where the metropolitan condition implies that people have lost their essential connection to nature.

The ultra-modern environment and the timelessness of my work provokes a clash between space and time. Genres of human stereotypes of a bygone era are mixed in the printed paper with birds, plants, and female characters, together creating a surreal and fictional world with an illogical use of scale.  Nature is taking a stand.

These utopian characters take on anthropomorphic form and enact narratives which remind us of scenes taken from our daily lives.  Descargar CV


Macay Street art | Collage | Chile | London

Macay Street art